Video Game

One day

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Game made during two weeks, on free time, for the Rainbow Game Jam 2018, a game jam who explores LGBT+ theme. The theme was « safe place ».

In this game, you will have to make your way through the day, enjoying warm moments and battling intolerance, to finally get to your safe place.  Warning : street harassment and homophobia.

The gameplay of One day is based on minigames and point & click.

Team : Marie-Lou Henry-Viel (Music and sound), Sébastien Cassard and Aurélien Moulin (Programmer)

2D Illustration, Game Art, Character Design



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Game made in 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2018. The theme was « Transmission » and we had the constraint not to use any language in the game.

Team : Félix MOLL (Game designer), Kévin NGUYEN (Programmer, Sound Design, 3D artist) , Baptiste SOUCHE (Programmer).

Frame is a narrative point & click where we explore a house with nostalgia.

2D Illustrations, Character Design



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Game made alone entirely from scratch. It was for a student project where we had to choose and remake a vintage game while following some constraints.

In Asterogm you will have to contaminate tomatoes to make more profit. But do you really need to?


I love snow

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Making of a short video game on the theme “snow” for the Bitsy Jam, organized by Adam Le Doux. It was all about sharing a sweet and poetic moment.


Loup m’auras-tu

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Making of a very short video game during the Quelque Chose Jam organized by Esteban Grine. It made me discover the website Bitsy which I used to make this little game in about 3 hours.